Who is the best hosting hotel?

Who is the best hosting hotel?

Put them through the ringtone

When you think about it, web hosting companies are like a big device, maybe a washer or dryer. Different brands have the same basic function, but everyone has their own special feature to lure you to choose them. Just like washing machines there is both a low price and a high price. In the high part you pay extra features maybe extra spin cycles or electronic rings. For web hosting companies, it features unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited email. And just like a washing machine, web hosting companies have both good and bad aftersales support or guarantees. You may tend to go to the cheapest web host, but your decision must be more critical than that.

A true best web hosting story

I became a victim of the cheapest is the best mentality. Although Im a veteran for creating websites, I was still wondered by the cheap pricing for a new hosting company. Unconsciously, I thought, all worth is the same, so the best web hosting is the cheapest. What a stupid mistake, especially for someone with a decent web experience. Fortunately, Ive paid 3.99 a month for unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth all seemingly common things youd expect in a hosting company. But what I actually paid 3.99 a month for unanswered support phone calls, unexplained downtime on site and inaccessibility, and a major headache. Basically, I stuck with a nice heaping pile of dirty laundry and just wanted the money back so I could buy another washing machine. In the end I got the money back, but only after weeks stress and feeling very frustrated.

It serves me right not to do my homework on this particular web hosting company and hurryly hopes at a cheap price. By the way, the company is now out of order

UPDATE 2 years later, they still tried to charge me a renewal agency Incredible

Consider the price correctly

Now I do not blame anyone for using the price as the only criteria for choosing the best hosting company. Its just our middle class nature to try to save money or two. But when I sat back thinking about the nightmare I went through this 4 month business, I realized that if I went with a 6 or even a 7 monthly, reputable web hosting, I would only pay 24 or 36 more dollars per year. A price I would like to pay for smooth service and peace of mind especially given the plight and frustration I went through. Its easy for me to say the fact, but I guarantee if youre in the same situation as I was with a deadbeat web host, you come to the same conclusion to pay 2 or 3 more per month

Best is as good as Basics

Finding the best web hosting company should not be a try and wrong experiment, and I really do not recommend doing it as such. Logging in with a web host though it may have a money back guarantee is more of a commitment than you might realize. For example, if you buy a hosting package and later decide that you want a refund within the stated level of guaranteed satisfaction, youre likely to have to go through the pain to transfer your domain name which will never be refunded. If they really want to hang out to dry, they can try to charge you the bandwidth and space charge you spent in the meantime read the fine print. Thats why you should do some good research and find out who is the best web host for you for the first time. When youre ready to shop and compare concentrate on the basics. Who has a good reputation in doing the central web hosting responsibility? The following is a list of core features and features that you should rate each web host when shopping

Transfer bandwidth

storage space

Support language PHP, Perl, Ruby

Control Panel Fantastico

Satisfaction History

Year in business


Special tips for web security

Heres a tip if you plan to have more than one website domain Many hosting companies allow you to have multiple domain names per host account. This way, you pay a monthly fee for hosting packages for the ability to host multiple domains. For example You can register two .COM domains for about 10 year each and then use a hosting package for both domains which costs about 7 month. This is a huge way to save money. In fact, I currently have 4 domains on a bluehost account.

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